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Wills and Marriage Records
The Probate Court Office located in Courthouse Number in Cedartown maintains county records of wills and marriages. Recording of Wills and Marriages began in 1852 and go to the present. Copies of the records are twenty five cents per page. The Probate Court Office telephone number is (770)748-2128.

Birth and Death Records
The Probate Court Office located in Courthouse Number 1 in Cedartown maintains records of county births and death records. Recording of these records began in 1927 and go to the present. These records are classified as confidential and information taken from these records must be at the authority of the Probate Court Office. The Probate Court Office telephone number is (770)748-2128.

Land Deeds
The Clerk of Courts Office located in Courthouse Number 1 in Cedartown maintains Land Deeds and related information. To obtain these records requesters need the name of person who purchased property and year purchase was made. Plats of property can also be obtained at this office. The Clerk of Courts telephone number is (770)749-2124.

Property Location
Persons wishing to know the location of property should contact the Assessors Office in Courthouse annex in Cedartown. A county map of all land lots can also be purchased at this office. The Assessors Office telephone number is (770)749-2108.

Obituary and Newspaper Articles
The Cedartown Library maintains microfilm copies of The Cedartown Standard where obituaries as well as other news articles can be found and copied. The library issues run from 1900 to the present. The Polk County Historical Society maintains bound copies of The Cedartown Standard. These copies are broken into periods, 1870 to 1921, and 1931 to 1974. The historical society also has some 1800’s issues of the Cedartown Record and the Cedartown Advertiser.

Census Records
The Cedartown Library has available on microfilm copies of the Polk County Census, 1840-1920. Polk County was part of Paulding County from 1840 to 1850, so these years include Polk and Paulding residents as well. Microfilm reading equipment is available to view the census.

Central of Georgia Railroad Information
The Polk County Historical Society maintains copies of the Central of Georgia Railroad Magazine, years 1946 to 1961 This railroad is now part of Southern Railway. The society also has photographs of the railroad depot, now demolished, and trains which operated in Polk County.

Goodyear Mills Information
The Polk County Historical Society maintains copies of the Wingfoot Clan publications of Goodyear Mills, years 1945 through 1977. The society also has many photographs and artifacts on display taken from the Goodyear Mill in Cedartown after its closing.

Civil War Information
The Polk County Historical Society has bound copies of the “Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia,” by Lillian Henderson. These run from 1861 to 1865 and cover all Georgia Units including Polk County. The Cedartown Library has copies of these volumes as well as Civil War Maps and publications of Civil War Histories in Georgia. The historical society has on display some Civil War artifacts contributed by Polk County residents.

Cemetery Records
The Polk County Historical Society and the Cedartown Library have records of cemeteries in Polk County. The most notable records regarding Polk County cemeteries is contained in two volumes compiled by Ralph and Jane Ayers in 1986 titled, “Polk County, Georgia Cemeteries in the Corners of Forever.”

Historical Artifacts
The Polk County Historical Society maintains the largest collection of historical artifacts in Polk County with over 1000 on record. Many of the artifacts are on display at the museum located on North College Street in Cedartown. The historical society began collecting artifacts in 1974, and continue to collect, preserve, and display them for the public.

Special Collections of Historical Information
The Polk County Historical Society and the Cedartown Library maintain special collections of historical information accessible to researchers looking for family, county, and area information. These are as follows:

(A) The Polk County Historical Society, Special Collections
1. The Northwest Georgia Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterlies, 1961 to 1985
2. Cedartown High School Annuals, 1947 through 1965
3. Cedartown City Directories, 1965 through 1986
4. Family Histories, filed by surname.
5. Histories of Polk County Businesses, Churches, Schools, etc.
6. Histories of early settlements in Polk County, Cedartown, Rockmart, and Aragon.

(B) The Cedartown Library, Special Collections
1. Polk County Family Histories
2. City Directories and Telephone Books of Cedartown
3. Early Papers on the Early History of Cedartown, Rockmart, and Aragon
4. County Histories of Georgia
5. Colonial Records and Histories of Georgia
6. Biographies of Famous People from Georgia
7. Cherokee Indian Histories
8. Histories, Marriage Records, and etc. of Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
9. D.A.R. Patriot Indexes
10. U. D. C. Records from Polk County Chapters

State Assistance
In the event that a researcher cannot locate needed information on Polk County at the county level various state agencies can be contacted. Their addresses and assistance available is as follows:

1. Georgia Department of Human Resources, Room 217-H Vital Records Unit 47 Trinity Avenue, SW Atlanta, GA 30334 Records of births and deaths since Jan. 1919
2. Georgia Archives Branch Federal Archives & Records Center
5780 Jonesboro Road
Morrow, Georgia 30260
Phone: 770-968-2100
Fax: 770-968-2547
3. Department of Archives & History,330 Capitol Ave. S. E. Atlanta, GA 30334 Georgia historical documents and special collections

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