New Name for City Cemetery


New Name Given to Our City Cemetery

By the Ladies’ Cemetery Association, Help Them Beautify It

The final resting place of the dead should be a beautiful as well as a sacred spot, and we are glad indeed that the ladies of Cedartown have taken in hand the task of beautifying it.

For that means that something will be done!

The Ladies’ Cemetery Associationis well officered, as follows: Mrs. Seaborn Jones, president; Mrs. J. D. Enlow, vice president; Mrs. J. M. Curtright, secretary; Mrs. J. T. Phillips, treasurer.

One of its first acts has been to re-christen the cemetery, and it will hereafter be known as Greenwood Cemetery. It is thus named after one of the most beautiful burial places in the world, and it will be “up to” the people of Cedartown to see that its condition to some extent measures up to its name.

There are about 30 lots sold in Greenwood, and the owners of those lots should each send $1 to the treasurer of the association, to be used toward putting the cemetery in proper condition.

But this assistance should not come from lots owners only. Everybody in Cedartown, and everyone away from here who has relatives or friends buried in Greenwood, should contribute to the fund for improving this cemetery.

Let everybody help!

Cedartown Standard, June 8, 1905