As nutty as 2020 has been, we are going to turn this around in our favor. The bad news is that PCHS is very limited in ways to raise funds due to Covid-19 restrictions. As such, we have had to cancel major fundraisers such as the Christmas concert.

PCHS is sponsoring a pecan fundraiser which will run through November (depending on supplies). Money raised will go into the General Fund for daily expenses such as phone/internet costs, office/maintenance supplies, and others costs. We are hoping that this will become an annual fundraiser for our organization. WE NEED YOUR HELP to accomplish our goal of selling ALL of our pecans!

Your support does not mean that you are going door to door or having to pick up a large box of pecans to sell. Your support can include

~ buying a pound or two or more for your own use or for gifts,

~ promoting this fundraiser to your family and friends. (phone calls, social media, etc.),

~ taking orders from your friends, family members, customers and arranging pick-up,

~ either owning a business or knowing of a business/organization (church, beauty shop, barber, clothing store, etc.) which would promote our fundraiser by placing posters and/or taking orders.

We have purchased whole pecans ($12.00 ea.), pecan pieces ($12.00 ea.), and a limited number of walnut pieces ($13.00 ea.) from Ellis Brothers, Inc., located in Vienna, Georgia. The pecans are packaged in one pound (1 lb.) bags and are the fresh 2020 season crop. Our shipment should be arriving early in November just in time for our Holiday Season baking.

We will have a gift for the member who sells the most bags so be sure to tell your friend/family members to let us know who gets the credit! WARNING! Word has slipped out about this fabulous fundraiser! People are already making preorder requests for multiple packages. You can do this, too. Contact our PCHS Museum by phone, email, or in person to reserve your own PCHS nuts!

Join us in this Nutty 2020 adventure for Polk County Historical Society!

EMAIL to, or call the museum during business hours at 770-748-4828.