Pioneer Building on Main & Gibson

Location: Cedartown; Corner of Main Street (east side) & Gibson

Status: No longer standing

Originally: Harris Hotel (1874), Right/Wright House (1890), Central Hotel (1901)

“The Right House, described as a home-like hotel, had a good reputation and excellent facilities. The hotel was established in 1890 and located on the corner of Main and Gibson Streets, making it accessible to Cedartown’s Main Street but on the south end.” Polk County, Georgia: The First One Hundred Years by Larry D. Carter

Later called the Pioneer Building with these offices: Dr. Elliott, Dr. Owen (dentist), Dr. Broadwick

First building in the county with an elevator.


Ad for Harris Hotel, 1874
Burglary at the Wright House, 1900
Wright House leased and named Central Hotel, 1901
“Right Ho.” Sanborn Map, 1908