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Polk County, Georgia
The First One Hundred Years
by Larry D. Carter

A comprehensive look at Polk County, Georgia from Prehistory to the Modern Era, this 1000+ page book includes sections on military records, Polk County officials, biographical narratives, people & places, marriages, and the earliest known histories. Filled with illustrations, maps, and photographs, this is a treasure for anyone interested in our local history.




Some of the Things I Remember About Cedartown
dating back to the early 1880’s
written by A. C. Duke, Sr.
Published by the Polk County Historical Society

This is a 6-page pamphlet with a written account of A. C. Duke, Sr. who moved to Cedartown as a child in October of 1882. It is a great resource for life in the early days of the city, recounting weather events, railroad history, buildings (and lack of), the first automobiles, the difficulty of traveling, as well as people, schools and businesses.




The Georgian Welsh
Y Cymry Georgaidd
compiled by Karl Welsher

Since the founding of the St. David’s Welsh Society of Georgia in 1984, the society has included the following blurb entitled “The Welsh in Georgia” in most every publication:

  • The ancient stone wall for which Fort Mountain in North Georgia is named may have been built by Welsh colonists. Folklore tells of a Prince Madoc, who sailed out into the Atlantic Ocean with a group from Wales, landed in Mobile Bay and moved across the Southeast to the Midwest. One possible explanation of the wall is that it was built as a fortification against the Cherokee Indians.
  • Among trustees of the colony of Georgia were Sir Eramus Phillips and Sir John Phillips, brothers from a family in South Wales, Samuel Lloyd from Shrewbury on the Welsh border, and several others with Welsh origins.
  • The family of Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia’s signers of the Declaration of Independence and first Governor of Georgia, was from Gwynnedd in north Wales.
  • At Van Wert in Polk County, an old Methodist Church cemetery contains many slate gravestones with inscriptions in Welsh. In the 19th century, Welsh miners from New England moved to the area to work the slate mines in nearby Rockmart.

Nice as far as it went, but we, WELSH, had to have had a bigger impact on the state of Georgia than just these four points. Where are our war heroes, our fancy houses, our ne’er do wells? We, Welsh, had to have them too.

So as editor of the society’s monthly newsletter, HWYL, I started digging and adding little ‘ Did You Know so-and-so was Welsh? And look what they did? And I had fun doing it! This book is a collection of over 20 ‘Did You Know’ stories about us Welsh, and hopefully as you read them your Welsh Pride about what we did here in Georgia will grow.


The Ball Game for Georgia
by L. D. Carter

It is 1796. The young government of the Untied States is desperately trying to preserve a precarious peace within and around its fragile borders. David MacGregor reports for duty at Fort Lynch with his loyal Tuscarora guide, Takey, at his side, and embarks on the most exciting journey of his life.

The Ball Game for Georgia follows MacGregor and Takey as they encounter a rich array of Cherokees and Creeks, all struggling to define their identity and territory in this new era of European settlement and colonial government. MacGregor’s courage and keen diplomatic insight teamed with Takey’s Skills in the wild take them to the center of the conflict, where they must fight for their very lives in an ancient ritual to decide their fate. Captivating and suspenseful, L. D. Carter’s historically accurate story will entertain and enlighten readers of all ages.



Blind Tiger: The Legend of Bell Tree Smith
A Documentary

Once a thriving iron ore boom town in the foot of the Appalachians, Bluffton, Alabama has all but vanished from the map. Yet the legend of William Anderson “Bell Tree” Smith remains. This film examines the history of Bluffton through the life of its most infamous resident, whose life and death parallel the rise and fall o this now-abandoned community.

Famed for his bootlegging, clever business tactics, and general lawlessness, Smith was a legend in his own time. He is a mythical figure, still remembered and talked about over a century after his death. Yet there is much more to his story than the myths have lead us to believe. History often draws clear distinctions between villains and heroes, but Bell Tree Smith was a bit of both. This documentary dissects the myths surrounding Smith’s life and attempts to separate facts from fiction, all while exploring a long-forgotten part of the American historical landscape.


Cedartown on Parade 1941-42, Second Edition
1989, 1991


Aerial View of Cedartown: Disposal Plant, City Hall Travelling, Goodyear Mill, West Theater, Courthouse, North on Main Street, Radio Station Tower, Main Street.

City Hall and Fire Department, Police Department, Gulf Service Station Main and West Gison, Courthouse, Confederate Monument on Courthouse Lawn, 1st Baptist Church Dismissing, Gibson Street School, Exchange Club, College Street School, Red Top Cab, Cabs at Seaboard Railroad Station, Cab at George Vance House on College, Junior High School on College Street, Music Club at Women’s Building, Young Home on Cave Spring Street, Haile Service Station North Main and Pryor, Fire Truck, Fire on West Avenue across from High School, Gulf Station on North Main Street, Harpst Home Chapel under construction, Western Auto, Gulf distributors, West Theater, Hawkes Children’s Library (PCHS), West Avenue and Post Office, Lions Club meeting, Third Street School, Mobley Furniture, Jess Hunt and poolroom, Music Club at Women’s Building, Stubbs and Hogg Furniture, Quality Bakery – Red and Ola McCain, Biltmore Cafe Main and Stubbs, Cornelius Grocery on South Main, Cedartown High School, Cedartown High Band, Cedartown High Cheerleaders, Cedartown High Glee Club, Patrol Boys, Cedartown High Football Team, The George Epps’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, Ladies’ Night (civic club), Liberty National Bank, Trippe Lumber Company, O. R. Styles, Jr. house on Marshall, Rockaway Inn on West Avenue, Catherine Turner’s house on Wissahickon, The Coca-Cola Company, Gus Morton on Main Street, Man-on-the-street from radio station, C A Freight Line behind West Theater, Ed’s Cleaners, Goodyear Mill changing shifts, P. H. Adams’ Hardware, Cedar Theater on Main Street, Presbyterian Church on Herbert Street, John Pickett and dog, Spearman’s on Benedict Road, Brewster Mercantile Company off Furnace Street

Videos on Disc are listed below, and cost $10.00 each.

Item #MediaTitle 
V1001VideoGlass (AmericanBrilliant Cut and engraved)
Bob Pino
V1002VideoCave Spring (The)Experience
U. Mayfield?-John Johnston
V1000VideoWest Georgia Museum of Tallapoosa
Mr. Bud Jones
V1000VideoCave Spring Log Cabin
Peggy Allgood
Georgia program
V1000VideoCedartown/Rockmart Documentary
V1000VideoFollies program
2 copies DVD Move
V1010VideoCentral of Georgia Railroad Tales
Bob Flournoy
V1000VideoMundy's B-29/Crash 1945/Pacific
President Eisenhower 9/6/1960
V1000VideoSterling Holloway Comes Home
V1000VideoSpace Transpsortation Past
V1000VideoTHE Katrina Collection
Lori R. Gordon
V1000VideoDAR Essay Contest (2)
George Mundy
V1000VideoD Day Talk
Van Hunt
V1000VideoUsing Computers in Research
David Slay
V1000VideoWorld War I
Millard Greer
V1000VideoThat was Then This is Now
Jim Lankford
V1000VideoPhilpot Street on National Historical Register
V1000VideoStreetscape Downtown Cedartown Project 2010
Brad Jones
V1000VideoMy Book
David Lindsey
V1000VideoCedartown Football
Gary Martin and Tommy Engram
V1000VideoChristmas Parade
V1000VideoCivil War Stories
Garland Lankford
V1000VideoLiving Large Movie
Bill Lundy?
V1000VideoOlympics in Cedartown
Olympic Swimmers Event & Torch Relay
V1000Video#1 Olympic Swimming Event
by: James Schliestett
V1000VideoOlympic Torch Relay
by: James Schliestett
V1000VideoGoodyear Baseball
Ralph Baker
V1000VideoCentral of Georgia
Bob Flournoy
V1000VideoDAR Essay Winners
V1000VideoWWI George Greer - Moments of Sharing
Millard Greer and Gordon Sargent
V1000VideoFounding of Georgia
Forrest Shropshire
V1000VideoCival War Ordinance
Leonard Draper
V1000VideoFollies program
Jr. Service League
V1000VideoD-Day program (2)
Rick Hall
V1000VideoWorld War II Bomber Pilot
Frank Casey
V1000VideoSummer Reel 2010
Cedartown Story Hour
V1000VideoHistory of Ore Mining in Polk County
Mr. Ed Graves
V1000VideoIndian Artifacts
Mike Rice
V1000VideoTrail of Tears
Jeff Bishop
Jerry Stroup
Jerry Stroup
V1000VideoAndrew Jackson and the Creek Indians
Dr. Joe Meeler
V1000VideoTrail of Tears Ceremony
Cedartown and Cave Spring
V1000VideoTrail of Tears National Historic Trail
DVD Nat'l Park Service
V1000VideoTrail of Tears program
Jeff Bishop
V1000VideoAmericanIndians of North Georgia
Jerry Stroup
V1000VideoCedartown Fire Department
V1000VideoFarm program
James Casey
V1000VideoCedartown Auditorium & Jr. Service League
3 copies of Tape 2
V1000VideoStilesboro Academy
Mrs. Marie Mcgeehee
V1000VideoLaw Enforcement in Polk County
Cedartown Chief W. M. Moss
V1000VideoUnited States Presidential Papers for Archives
Robert Bohannon
V1000VideoBank History in Polk County
Larry Kuglar
V1000VideoRockmart Slate Company
V1000VideoCedartown Police Department History
Jamie Newsome
V1000VideoMurphy-Harpst Life and Hope for Childen
V1000VideoRockmart Museum
Fr. Greg Gray
V1000VideoChurch History -5 churches
Bill Bruner
V1000VideoCatholic Church in Cedartown History
Rev. Richard Young
V1000VideoCountry Club
V1000VideoCedartown Library History
Mrs. Fred Parker
V1000VideoLife of Captain Jule Peek
Jule Peek
V1000VideoCharles Adamson History
Ms. Van Beth Hunt
V1000VideoLloyd Gray
Sr History
V1000VideoGeorgia Sports Hall of Fame (Doc Ayers)
Doc Ayers
V1000VideoAsa Prior
Mitilda West
V1000VideoD. L. Roberts
Nancy Bruner
V1000VideoNeely Young
V1000VideoDick Parker
V1000VideoGeorge Mundy program
Fr. Ann White
V1000VideoPeek Family History
Jule Peek
V1000VideoLTG George Mundy
V1000VideoPhillips Family History
Eulalie Pickett Wilson
V1000VideoWilliam O. Austin
jr Life
V1000VideoHarriet Harris and Ted Stroup visit to C edartown
Grand daughter of C.H. Harris
V1000VideoMajor General Scott Harp USAF
Suzanne Hapre Byrd
V1000VideoW.W. Bill Bruner
Sr History (2 copies)
V1000VideoLula Hurst program
Jessica Handler
V1000VideoHarris program
Millard Greer
V1000VideoPeek Family History
Jule Peek
V1000VideoChubb Family Genealogy
Kenneth Jones
V1000VideoDoctors of Yesteryear
Mrs. John McGeehee
V1000VideoDoctors of Yesteryear
Mrs. John McGeehee
V1000VideoHarris Family program
V1000VideoBurbank House
V1000VideoAriel Pictures Over Cedartown
V1000VideoGreer Store-524 Main St
V1000VideoMundy Lake History
George Mundy
V1000VideoCedartown Veterans Memorial Park
Jean and Marvin Hampton
V1000VideoOld Mill (formerly Restaurant)
Scooter Stephens
V1000VideoNorth Georgia Rivers
Amos Tuck
V1000VideoCollard Valley History
Gordon Sargent
V1000VideoCollard Valley History
Gordon Sargent
V1000VideoCollard Valley History
Gordon Sargent
V1000VideoBig Spring History
Nancy Bruner
V1000VideoRockmart History
V1000VideoGary Redding House on College Street (1)
V1000VideoOld Cemeteries
Greg Gray
V1100VideoKit Homes
Laura Bates