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Added to our Military collection: “The U.S. MIA2-I-I was developed for use by noncombatants working in civil defense and individuals in U.S. Army-designated "target areas." The MIA2 was produced by the U.S. Office of Civilian Defense (OCD) with a $29,000,000 grant. The mask was designed by Randolph Monro in 1942, and the patent was published in 1944. The design influenced future gas masks developed by the U.S.D corporation and Scott Aviation.” ...

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“The Big Spring...has drawn many visitors from all over, including English author Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), who wrote poetry about the surroundings.” First One Hundred Years, L. D. Carter

It is awful to think of the consequences if a man would be shut off from his supply of lime for a while and then get loose in a cemetery. An ordinary tombstone would hardly be enough for a lunch for him. Cedartown Record, 27 Feb 1875

The "moonshiners" in the mountains of Northeast Georgia ... have had several skirmishes in the last few days with the deputies, in which the latter were glad to get out of the mountains alive. Cedartown Advertiser, 11 Dec 1879

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